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Gippsland Today

  • Gippsland Today

Weekdays 6am - 8:30am, hosted by Greg Allen, Gippsland Today is a show made by Gippslanders, for Gippsland!

Greg was born and raised in Gippsland and whilst his career took him all over Australia, he calls Gippsland home and returned here to the community he loves.

Most recently Greg sourced, wrote, produced and was the voice behind the most comprehensive local news updates on Gippsland Radio. With his extensive knowledge of local issues and those that make the news he's in a perfect position to host our brand new breakfast program Gippsland Today.

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Every morning from 6 Greg brings you up to date with everything happening in Gippsland and the world. He's regularly in contact with State and Federal Politicians and business leaders, he's got all the Sports News with Tony Leonard and Showbiz Gossip with Peter Ford. Every morning just after 7 he checks in with the East Sale RAAF Base for the latest weather and you'll always here about local events taking place in Gippsland every day on the show.

Gippsland Today a show made by Gippslanders for Gippsland.